Spiral Dance

In matters of faith, I have not come full circle. I HAVE spiraled in my cycle of living. This means, as I journey along, I pass over the tops of the places I’ve been. Like a treasure pack full of knowings that I carry on my back, I add to myself. It is possible to take pieces of your past understandings, add to it the good and the beautiful, and remove from it it-that which no longer serves you. It makes the journey that much easier, to remove the weight of baggage not needed…. The evolution of self involves SO much actualization, so much reflection, so much seeing behind what’s visible. You HAVE to be able to ask, why am I doing this? Why do I believe this? How did I come to the routines of life I’m currently partaking in and are there other options I’ve never considered? You have to ask yourself, where are my biases? And then do the research behind the research. I am grateful for my spiral dance. I am grateful that what I know of God/Source/Love, is that I get to cycle through many times over the places I’ve been, submerging myself in the knowings of my past, and emerging as the culmination of my sacred experiences here and now. I am allowed to dip my feet in the waters of change while the waves of the past wash over me and fade away, leaving only the drippings needed to hydrate my soul. This is the evolution of me and I don’t need anyone’s permission or approval.