Your DNA Remembers

  • When I left home and moved to Pennsylvania, I was drawn to Quakerism. Something so sacred and simple as minding the Light, accepting and celebrating that there is that of God in everyone, and sitting in an expectant silence, was exactly what my spirit needed during that time of change and uncertainty. Years later,  I would find out that my recent ancestors were, in fact, Quakers who settled near the Pennsylvania and Maryland border in the late 1600s. At the same time that I was settling into PA, I learn my very own ancestors had the same journey hundreds of years earlier…. That was some Holy Spirit movement, y’all. 
  • Years  passed, and I stoked the embers of my faith. I listened to the Silence and then I heard the call of the Seasons. I began to notice that naturally I was attuned to vibrancy with summer, spring, and sun. And, I retreated with an anxious longing during winter, autumn, and gray skies. I became increasingly aware that my body cycles with the moon phases. My energy is INTENSE at the full moon and then as night grows darker, so do I sleep better and longer. As I embraced myself as a seasonal being, the voice of ancient woman was able to come through. She, the Sacred She— was wildly in tune with the seasons of earth, the phases of the moon, and the role they play in Her Very own body.
  • I began to realize that at the SAME TIME that the ancient Hebrews were hearing from God, so too, were other people groups, other cultures— those who embraced the divine feminine, those who lived in matriarchal constructs heard from God too. I allowed myself to honor the Divine Feminine within me, and I praised the Knowledge that God just might have been speaking to all these ancients folks in ways their culture could make space for and that perhaps, it WAS ALL divinely inspired and worthy of my attention. It was at this time, I decided to bring representation of God as female into my home. My children needed to see the full spectrum of the divine, and that included the sacredness of woman. By celebrating the sacred sister in me, I was honoring my ancestors, my blood and it wasn’t until years  later, I learned that my ancient ancestors were partakers in worship of the divine feminine.  When I say “Our DNA remembers,” this is what I mean. If you  allow yourself the physical space and the head space to Listen to your own voice within (it takes a while to learn your own voice and not your conditioning) You Will hear the voice of your ancestors calling to you.  It’s this place, that may grant you a faith that doesn’t silence parts of your soul, but allows you to embrace ALL aspects of the divinely inspired You.  Your DNA remembers, friends… Trust it, your ancestors did. 

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