Us All Along.

My Sister, Steph, over at The Irresponsible Blogger, wrote a bomb-ass piece that tells our story. Inspired by 21 Pilots lyrics in Jumpsuit, I feel grateful to all who’ve been brave enough to heal the wounds religion beats into our being… listen to the song while you read and if you need anyone…

🖤 Steph's Poetry and Such🖤

I opened the double doors to the outside..

The sun is bright

First time I saw myself in that kind of light…

Backs away further

Can’t bear the weight of that steeple.. 

Fooled the whole time

Thinking I was draped in white

Footsteps backwards away from the people…

No. She’s dark inside..and built by their lies.

No. She’s dark inside…and built out of spite.

I’ll walk away bravely, away from heavy doors.

But my sister is still in there pacing the floors..

I can’t leave there… her beautiful mind…standing in between pews..taking in lies….

She told me, “Stephy just pray…don’t give up..Please…..Don’t leave yet.”

I told her,

 “Sister….I’ll be right there..but you’ll have to grab my throat and lift me in the air.”

“and If you need anyone..I’ll stop my plans but you’ll have to tie me down and then break both my hands.” 

She said, “I’m always here.” 

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2 thoughts on “Us All Along.

  1. “In time I will leave the City, for now, I will stay alive.” Tyler Joseph nails the deconstructing Christian conundrum of knowing what you know- but choosing to stay out of necessity to survive. It is a reckoning that brings the awakening. Thank you, Sister, for giving us words.


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