Grow from Me

What will I become?
Buried under earth, dirt
Consciousness gone, but perhaps a rebirth

I do not know-I cannot say
Don’t ever tell me to believe your way

Our ancestors buried their dead
Curled up-fetal, knees to chest

Hoping like seeds give way to flowers
For a regeneration from the Earth’s womb powers

For us to return in some beautiful state
Where our life is built on the lessons we take

Like those before, let vultures chew to my bones
Strip me right down to my internal stones

Paint me red, like blood from the womb
Grant me the solace of a cosmological tomb

Resting in the form of the way I became
Atoms, molecules, cells, a Name

Earth Water Fire Wind—-stones hold their magic, cover me with them 

Maybe earth’s pulse will warm the marrow inside
And evolve me slowly from matter to mind

What will I become?
Buried under earth, dirt
Consciousness gone, but perhaps a rebirth

Written by Stacy Johnson (June 24, 2019. Cycle Day 29 WW)

11 thoughts on “Grow from Me

      1. I love and miss you every single second😭 also…I just copy-paste and scream out “REBLOG” 😆😆

        Make me an oath-
        If I go first,
        Remember, our childhood homemade Mud Pie recipe?
        Soak my hands in that before you bury me under the tree.

        Missing you below the Western sun…😔

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      2. Consider it done. But no worries—-I am planning a united grave, where our children put our bones in the heart shaped position we used to attempt to sleep all night in. We never could maintain, perhaps in eternal sleep?

        Liked by 2 people

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