‘Cept for when I do

Do I believe in an afterlife? No!!!

‘Cept for when I do….

When my grandmother’s voice from beyond the grave, finally breaks through

Do I believe in re-incarnation? No!! That is too silly,

‘Cept for when I do…

When I become aware of the thread that’s linking me to you

Do I believe I’ve lived past lives with lessons to behold? No!! That cannot be true,

‘Cept for when I do…

When my dreams come with future wisdom and I drink in the deja vu

Do I believe in the guidance of the fates beyond? No!!! I really, truly do not

‘Cept for when I do…

When every moment from my life has me standing here with you

Do I believe in soul ties, binding spirits quietly? No!!! And, I probably never will,

‘Cept for when I do…

When my sister sits across the country sharing the same story I just told too

Do I believe in magic by the light of the silvery moon? No!!! Absolutely not,

‘Cept for when I do…

When by its light I break the need to speak ANYTHING but my truth

Do I believe in spells and candle light to bring about something new? No!!! I never ever could,

‘Cept for when I do…

When as the candle flame burns away my energy is renewed

Do I believe in Signs from the Sun-the Moon-the Stars? No!!! That’s a bunch of whoopty whoo,

‘Cept for when I do

When it all aligns in perfect time to reflect my being from the expansive blue

Do I believe in Gods and Goddesses? No!!! HA! Blatantly false–I could never presume,

‘Cept for when I do

But only when our bodies unite and we give each other life from just us two

Do I believe in Logic and Reason? Yes!!! They will always always WIN,

‘Cept for when they ask me to silence my experiences within.

Written By: Stacy Johnson 6-1-19, (cycle day 7, maiden)

7 thoughts on “‘Cept for when I do

  1. I love the ideas, except when I don’t. I’d hate to spoil such a wonderful post, so this time I won’t.
    I just wonder if all those connections would be felt this way if it weren’t for our upbringing and societal seeding.

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      1. I hear you dear. I had a long and windy blind spot and even though I can dismantle it now from head to toe when I actually think, I still revert back to the ol’ instilled self doubt. I catch myself and they are less frequent, but sometimes when I see the colored sunsets across the gunmetal grey rolling tides and hear the waves lapping against the pier, I think “wow, god is good”. Oops

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  2. There are a lot of religious ideas where I’m like…it would be nice if this were true. But as they “Wishin’ don’t make it so.” Actually I don’t know if they say that, but it sounds like something they’d say, whoever they are. 🙂

    Do I believe in Logic and Reason? Yes!!! They will always always WIN,

    ‘Cept for when they ask me to silence my experiences within.

    I don’t think logic and reason ask us to silence our experiences…I think all logic and reason asks of us is that we recognize that what happens within is not necessarily true without. This by no means implies that those things happening within can’t guide us in our own lives, just as long as we don’t expect others to be guided by them. We are complex organisms with piles of cognitive biases and I don’t think there is a soul (like what I did there?) who would misinterpret experiences, and who might even share those misinterpretations with others because of similarities in education, family, culture, or genetics.

    Despite my atheism, I love religious themed movies and stories, because they can be fantastical and even filled with beauty. There is nothing wrong with having an appreciation for beautiful ideas and wishing they were true. I’d be quite happy to visit Rivendell if I could. 🙂

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    1. Yes—- I agree! I don’t expect anyone to believe or trust or partake in any practice EVER. Sure I love when I find those who also enjoy rituals and ceremonies- but never would I expect them to get what I get from it. I believe my OWN logic and reason silences me because it does force me to reconsider my wishes vs reality. Being a wishful atheist can be quite the conundrum!

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      1. I see what you mean now. 🙂 The way I’ve made peace with such things is to marvel at what humans have invented to quell their greatest fears and answer their biggest questions. I’ve also learned to see the aesthetic beauty of logic and reason. For me it’s like the feeling you get when you finally find the right piece of the puzzle and you know it fits. Thus their is rejoicing to be had in the stories we’ve told each other through human history and also in logic and reason which has helped us pull the essence of those stories into something tangible and real. 🙂

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