Meaning of Life?

Um, there isn’t one??? That is a horse-size pill in the hard pills to swallow conundrums of life. It’s actually one of the toughest things I’ve had to reconcile to myself after moving out of god giving me my purpose, is realizing that by simply BEING HERE on Earth, I have purpose.

It’s not some “in the grand scheme of things” shenanigans, it’s not some “it all makes sense in the future” problem to solve. No, I am here and that is alone, what gives me meaning.

I have chosen to further give myself meaning by procreating, thus moving my genes further down the time-line of history. But I’m learning to be okay with knowing there isn’t some philosophical conclusion to the meaning of humanity. Simply put, we GET to be here and that is AMAZING in and of itself.

Below, I had to document how precious it is to pass my genes along. He kept looking at me and I just had that primal maternal moment of recognizing that evolutionarily, he is why I am here… There is one minute that passes between pics and then he sleeps.

I get to be here, and THAT is the miracle,

11 thoughts on “Meaning of Life?

  1. Yes! so much this.

    When people say “Well then, where do you get your meaning and purpose from?” I tell them that meaning and purpose aren’t something you should be given by somebody else, or something you have to go find. Meaning and purpose are things you get to create for yourself. And that’s “Better News” than their “good news”.

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  2. I really believe that there is nothing inherently meaningful about life. It’s just something we create for ourselves (or don’t) and there is something both harrowing and beautiful about that.

    Great post, Stacy. 🙂

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  3. How do you, within a few words, so easily sum up all the ramblings in my head!! Everything you say here is absolutely on point. I know we’ve all heard it before, but we have a one in 400 TRILLION chance of being here on earth. WOW! SAY NO MORE! We are life. WE CREATE OUR MEANING HERE!!!! Not a God, not a religion, not waiting for another life..We, ourselves, are the meaning. Stop searching and just LIVE within the “miracle” that is YOU created by earth. We are such a beautiful part of the earth’s story there is no need to make it less by saying, “No this earth is not it. WE NEED MORE!!!!” I love this post so much. Great thinking sister!!❤ And look at my boy there all happy on his momma!! LOVE HIM AND YOU!!

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    1. Thanks for reading, Steph! We chat about these topics so much, I know the reading is redundant. But—- it is so immensely true. This is it. All we have is now. I love you through forever.💕

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  4. I share in your appreciation of the miracle of existence. There seems to be this sense among theists that if there is no God who created a purpose for us then life is meaningless and morality is forfeit. Yet I have found the opposite. Eliminating the idea of a personal God means that existence is even more amazing. The odds of not existing is so great in a universe without intention then one just has to marvel at just being here at all. And in terms of morality, I feel that it is even more important to be kind and make the world a better place so that people don’t have to worry about things like food so they can have the leisure to marvel at the universe. Research on death bed regrets are always worldly and represent passing on opportunities that have meaning in this existence not some other plane of existence. I think that’s telling about what really derives meaning for us. Religion playsa pretty small role in the grand scheme of things.

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    1. Yes!!!! I agree wholeheartedly. I’m at a place now, where religion to me, is actually damaging to its followers. I am simply amazed that we get to be here right now, doing this! Thanks for commenting!

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