After 38 years, Dad is Retired!

A few days ago, I drove by Dad’s house and his Entergy truck wasn’t there, I thought, “Wow, this is the first time, that spot in the yards been bare.”

It gave me a moment’s pause, a smile rolled across my face-my dads been a hard worker from the earliest of my  days.

I recall the sunny mornings, us girls riding to school with Mom, he’d turn and   hit the  old T and we’d wave til his truck was gone.

Our little blonde heads in the car windows, we’d wave like flags whipping in the wind and there would be his smiling face saying  “I love you too” in a car window grin.

I knew his  job was dangerous, there’d be high voltage in his hands so I’d pray, “Lord, help keep my Daddy  safe for  another day.”

Each and every evening, he’d come in and take off his boots, and always paused to ask us, “How was your day at school.” 

Sometimes he would’ve just sit down, he’d have just begun to take a rest, the phone would ring and we knew what it’d mean, he’d head out for that on-call request. 

And, the weather didn’t matter, he’d be gone sometimes with one lightening flash, and even in a blizzard up the light poles he would dash.

For him it was important to do the work with integrity, not only for the sake of his job-but for the sake of the community.

Anytime there’d be an outage, our home phone would ring non-stop, from folks around the town demanding he get their lights back-on.

He showed patience, he showed mercy-he dealt with folks so gently, and even as a Daddy, he extended grace to my sisters and me. 

I’ve watched my Dad work my whole life, giving his job and his family his best, and now it’s time for him to move on along and enjoy some retirement rest. 

Of all the things I know of Dad- he’ll miss you people most of all, but I can say with certainty he will NOT miss being on call.

From AP&L to Entergy, the years have flown right by, and from meter reader to Supervisor, it’s time to say goodbye.

Dad, I’m so proud of you and life you built for us, you gave us all the chance to see a man that we could trust.

You were a good employee, and an even better husband and father, and for all my life I’ve been proud to say that I am Michaels’s  daughter.

Love You Tons, congratulations on an Awesome 38 year career, Dad🎉🎊

My Dad💚

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